Trad: Italian

In this course students make their first experience with type design. Every year a new group of students works 30-40 hours on Titillium during 3-4 months, after a brief introduction to type design and some hours of handmade exercises.


This is just the 3rd year we are working on Titillium (the project started in 2008, 8-10 students per year). The project started from an exercise of a student (a square-sans “dotted” typeface). We chose to work on this specific “square sans” because it was, in our opinion, the easiest starting point for neophyte among all the other options presented by students. This explains the lack of kernings, the simplistic naming and the other inconsistencies.

We decided to release Titillium under Sil license because:


We´d like to give to the students (not just to ours) the possibility to use and modify a font instead of using illegally commercial fonts (under this point of view probably it make sense even to work on a sort of “paradigmatic” square shape);


In order to make an experiment of collective design process, defining just simple basic rules (maybe too much strong?). This is the main task of the course, even more important than speaking about typography (usually our students doesn’t aim at being typographers);


We´d like that everybody who wants could use, modify, republish his version of the font;


PIn order to let to everybody the possibility to modify it for professional purposes.


In our opinion it makes sense to share what we are doing, when it is possible. Users will help us to fix problems or will discuss with us about the sense of what we are doing. We never could have imagined that Titillium would have had such diffusion. Maybe this typeface has some qualities even if it is a permanent work-in-progress, but we never claimed that this is a professional font or a particularly original one.

So, before using it for professional purposes:


Check if the glyphlist, the spacing, the naming and the design in general match your needing. If they doesn´t, you are free to fix the problems yourself or to write us titillium@campivisivi.net.


Keep in mind that course starts in the end of october and finishes in the end of february, and we prefer to ask students to solve problems, so we may not answer quickly to your needings! If you think that Titillium is not well designed, you may improve it and republish. Remember that you are not allowed to do so with a retail font.